Let’s face it! You hardly pay any attention while picking out a comb (we’ve all been there). But what if we tell you that a comb can have a significant impact on your hair’s health.

Picking a wrong comb can cause hair breakage, frizziness and hair fall. On the other hand, the right one can increase hair growth, control damage and make your hair manageable.

We know picking up a comb could be a rather dull event. Fortunately, we’ve done the legwork for you. Here are just three factors to consider while you’re on the next shopping trip.

  1. Hair type
    A comb that might work like a charm for straight hair can be equally disastrous for the curly type. Therefore, one should always select a comb according to the hair type.
    For straight hair :- If you have long and lustrous straight hair, but the ends are always tangled, we recommend using a Paddle Brush.
    These brushes quickly detangle the hair with ease.
    For curly hair :- Having perfect curls is nothing short of a blessing. But they come with their own problems. Detangling and brushing curly hair could be a task. Hence, using a Wide-tooth comb is the best choice.
    The wide-toothing on this comb detangles your hair in a jiffy, without causing much breakage.
    For wavy hair :- Wavy hair often comes with frizz. Using plastic and fine-toothed comb can increase the frizziness. Luckily, Boar-bristle brush is the saviour for this type of hair.
    Its bristles are designed to glide softly through your waves, without pulling or making it frizzed out.
  2. Purpose
    For drying hair :- Vented brushes are excellent for blow-drying your hair. As the bristles are notably gapped, it allows the air to flow and dries hair faster.
    For wet hair :- You have to be extra careful while brushing wet hair, as it increases the chances of breakage. Using a detangling brush can easily detangle wet hair.
    For exfoliation & massage :- Use a wooden comb for gently exfoliating the scalp. A wooden comb improves the blood circulation and evenly distributes the natural oil from the scalp, along the entire hair strand.
  3. Quality
    To examine the quality of a comb, check these features:-

    • The shape of the brush – flat brushes are better suited for short hair. Whereas, round-shaped are better for voluminous hair.
    • Bristle – Natural bristles are the best for dry hair, and mixed bristles are suitable for all hair type.
    • The handle of the brush – Always select a brush with a good handle grip.

To sum up, we need to be a bit careful while picking a comb. A right comb will enhance your hair’s health, decrease hair fall and will only end up in ‘good hair days’.