When it comes to our hair, we all are a little possessive as well as protective. Did you know that expensive hair products and even constant care is not enough for your hair if you don’t have the right comb? That’s right! You ought to choose the right combs, because combs are an everyday necessity.

Your hair may need different types of combs. There is a right comb for your hair depending upon the length, thickness and texture. The type of comb you opt for could have a significant impact on your hair growth. Different comb types have a difference in shapes, sizes, and teeth and purposes.

Find the right comb for your hair by knowing the different types of combs as well as their distinctive purposes.

  1. All-purpose comb
    This is the most commonly used comb which could be easily seen in every household. As the name suggests, this comb can handle a variety of jobs. It works on both thin and thick hair and for every gender. All-purpose comb comes in different shapes and sizes ranging from 6 inches to 9 inches.
  2. Fine-Tooth comb
    This comb is only suitable for people with straight and thin hair. It has fine sharp teeth which are apt for giving your hair a neat and tidy look. It is definitely incompatible for people with thick and frizzy hair as it might break them more than usual.
  3. Pocket comb
    Pocket combs are a miniature version of all purpose combs. They usually have both thick and thin teeth to take care of all hair types but their distinctive feature is their size. They can be carried easily in your pocket and come to your rescue instantly. Their usefulness and sleek design makes it a handy thing to carry. There are a few pocket combs that have a hole to grip and comb your hair.
  4. Handle combs
    These combs come with a short handle and have comparatively wider teeth than other comb types. Great for lifting your hair with minimum damage, smooth detangling and easy to use. They can have different subtypes depending upon the intended use.
  5. Rat tail comb
    These are long fine tooth comb with elongated and thin handle. Parting your hair becomes easier with this comb. It is not usually found in households but is very effective for a refined look. The elongated tail handle is useful to straighten the parts of your hair while the fine teeth give your hair a defined look. They are popularly known as tail or section combs.
  6. Rake comb
    The teeth of this comb are wide and thick giving an impression of a garden rake. Straightening the mess on your head is easier with a rake comb as it also has a handle which gives more control to you. It is less time consuming than the other combs with a minimum amount of damage and pain.
  7. Paddle brush
    This is a flat brush with bristles coming out of a soft pad. It comes in many shapes and sizes and is useful to straighten your hair with ease. The soft pad eliminates pain and the wide bristles minimize the damage while giving your head a massage and even distribution of the natural oil.

So here we are with all the basic combs you should have for your hair because let’s face it! A bad hair day can ruin your mood in an instant. Choosing the right comb not only reduces the damage but it also increases and promotes your hair growth. Combing daily has a lot of benefits and combing daily with the right comb is like “cherry on top with icing.”

Keep your trusted hair partner near you and make sure to take care of the combs by regularly cleaning and washing them. Happy hair days!