Are you suffering from an oily scalp problem? Is that also resulting in hair fall and dandruff? Don’t worry, it’s not just with you & you are not the first one to have these!

Scalp can behave in a different way depending upon a lot of factors. The way you wash them, the way you treat them, the amount of time you hair are exposed to the sun & many other.

Mostly, your hair start behaving in certain way because they have been getting a kind of treatment which is not helping them. So, if your hair health is spiraling down, stop what you are doing and start with what we are about to tell you.

1. Washing everyday can make your scalp oilier. Yes, you read it right. Frequent washing can result in your scalp getting secreted with more oil that your body naturally produces. Make a schedule to wash your hair twice or may be thrice a week. This will help regulate the natural oil secretion and you will feel better about your hair.

2. Choose the right shampoo to help cleanse the scalp without stripping your hair. Shampoos that have a moisturizing effect shouldn’t be considered. Natural & Organic products, which can reinstate the innate scalp flora & inhibit microbes will be more beneficial.

3. Choose an organic or a natural conditioner. It’s a misconception to choose the partner product of the shampoo you are choosing. Don’t fall for it; it will result in vain. Be sensitive towards your hair needs & try to understand what suits you best.

4. If you work out at the gym or otherwise & seat profusely, you will feel the need to wash your hair continuously, every day. Go herbal or natural. This is the only solution that can save you from excessive exposure to chemicals on a recurrent basis.

5. Manage your diet to improve your skin & scalp health. Find the foods you love that have protein along with Biotin, Zinc, Magnesium, Selenium & Iron, Vitamins A, B & C along with Folate Omega 3 fatty acids for their anti-inflammatory properties. Drink plenty of water too, while you are at it.

Above, we have given some of the most widely used & proven techniques to cure your particular hair problem. These are definitely going to work. Remember, intake is the king. If you don’t have a great intake which includes all the vitamins, minerals & other nutrients; you are less likely to get over the problems you are having right now. For starters, start eating healthy; include all the pointers into your daily lifestyle and you will start to see some change shortly.