Do you lack the confidence and self-esteem in public just due to those annoying white flakes on your shoulders? If yes, then you need to take good care of your hair. According to facts, dandruff is prevalent and a harmless scalp condition that usually affects at least 50% of the human population. However, there are several possible causes of dandruff. It can be due to dry scalp skin, or it can be due to other skin conditions like eczema and psoriasis.

It may not be a painful or harmful, but it can cause you itchiness and hair fall, if not treated quickly. Take a sigh of relief because the good news is that the treatment is very easy.

So, Lets dive in to learn about the top 5 things that you can apply to get rid of dandruff quickly and effectively.

1. Get an excellent shampoo and conditioner
A good quality shampoo & conditioner is quite helpful while treating the hairfall & dandruff problem. If you are in a habit of styling your hair, then, you must know the side effects of the styling products you might be using. Dandruff is usually caused by excessive usage of styling products like hair gel, spray, and wax. Just use a shampoo & a conditioner (preferably, three times a week alternatively) for best results.

2. Start eating a healthy diet
Eating a healthy diet can cure the problem of dandruff and hair fall. When it comes to dandruff, the food which contains zinc, omega-3 fatty acids, selenium, and vitamin B are very beneficial. You can eat foods such as broccoli, salmon, dairy products, whole wheat, eggs, fish, along with green vegetables and fruits to maintain your hair health.

3. Keep the stress away!
It has always been a recommendation by experts that whatever be the health problem, just try to reduce your stress level. The one and the only reason behind it is, that, stress is the hook trigger to hairfall. Just relax, be patient & avoid to much stressing over situation you have no control over.

4. Use anti-dandruff home remedies
There is no need for any expensive treatment for dandruff problem and hair fall. The good news is that you can even treat them at home, without spending money. Just try a variety of home remedies and choose the one which you are comfortable with. Some of the below mentioned routine practices can help.

  • Apply coconut oil every alternate day.
  • Apply curd.
  • Apply the egg yolk.

5. Sun Exposure
According to medical experts, if a person spends a some time under the sunlight, then he or she can see a little improvement. Just note that too much of it can also work against you scalp health. So, it’s better to spend at least a recommended 10 mins under the sun for best results.

We have seen a lot of hair problems but some are more persistent than the others. Just follow these five tips & you will see some change shortly. Chronic dandruff can lead to hairfall; but there are many other condition like poor health, less intake of vitamins etc which can lead to hairfall. Find the root cause & work on that, along with the above mentioned ones.